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Iran vs Saudi Arabia

China Economic Review highlights this WSJ story on American diplomatic efforts to get the Chinese to buy more oil from Saudi Arabia. The idea is that if China buys less oil from Iran, they will be more inclined to support the sanctions the Americans are proposing. What about a converse situation? Instead of pressuring the […]


Good Junta last night, I’ll leave it to Rindy to post some of the highlights, but for me that was what the Junta was all about: a bunch of dudes sitting around drinking and having good, engaged conversation about real topics. Relevant to last night, and other Junta topics, is the continued rioting in Xinjiang.  […]


I don’t know that I can even come close to providing the quality overview of the discussion that Rindy provided. The China discussion came second and everyone was pretty into the whiskey at this point and the conversation became a bit more free-wheeling. What I wanted to get was a sense of what people expected/hoped […]