Junta #3

Rindy is agitating for Junta #3 to take place on November 3rd. His reasoning is sound–the eve of the election–but I’ve been resisting because I’ll have come back from China the night before. But he promised to organize everything and have it somewhere near my apartment, and with the understanding that I may start drooling from jet-lag and scotch within the hour. But I expect a heady atmosphere will prompt me up: Will Obama continue to build on his growing lead in the next couple of weeks? Will the economy continue to unravel or will the coordinated international steps of the last few days calm markets? I was going to spend a few extra days in China after I got finished on Friday the 31st, but I’m coming back Sunday night because I want to be here for the election. It will be the first US presidential election since I got back to the States almost two years ago, the last time I was even here for one was Clinton/Dole. I spent a number of subsequent years in Prague, and much time conspiring with Alex Zaitchik, writing in the same magazines and forming pre-Junta like talk sessions in sketchy Czech bars (late-night Herna bars and Klub Jaguar) talking politics and books. AZ is back in NY after continued vagabond days going from India writing for the eXile, to editing the legendary Moscow newspaper (incredibly, after a decade now gone…), to Greenland and Mexico City, and…. I can’t remember, many places. He’s back and he’s got some of the same feelings about being around for a historic election, so I’m hoping he’ll be able to make it. I’ll try to stay awake.

Check out Alex’s on the financial crisis:


Here’s Alex’s dispatch on the Franken/Coleman race in Minnesota


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