Nov. 3rd: Economic Crisis and the Election

The next Junta meeting will be held Monday, November 3rd. The topics will be linked: the economic crisis, and the election. You will notice the date of the meeting is the eve of Election Day.

For reasons described by Jeremy below, he may be in bad shape that day. Too bad. We simply must have this meeting prior to the election, but to do it before he leaves for China is too soon. Part of the meeting will be about election predictions, and a lot can change in a couple of weeks.

The location will be somewhere around the NYU Medical Center/Baruch College neighborhood, to accommodate Jeremy’s jet lag. The exact place is still to be determined. The start time will be 7 o’clock. Further information will be sent around. If you have not been to a meeting before, please email me to get on the distribution list. Also, you should read the Junta Manifesto as a primer before attending a meeting.

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