Legalize It

I hope you’re having a good summer. Not sure if any of you have been on the junta blog since the last meeting but it features a wrap-up about the democracy meeting and some talk about Uighurs and Chinese oppression.

Towards the end of the last Junta we touched on discussing the idea of legalization at the next meeting. At the moment there seems to be an increasing segment of the population that agrees that marijuana should be legalized. But should the trend stop there? What drugs should be legalized and why? Should prostitution be brought in from the shadowy underworld that it currently exists in? How do we as a society face our vices and what role should government play in legislating morality to us and trying to keep us safe and healthy when it comes to questions that are ultimately about personal liberties. When talking with a few other Junta people it was mentioned that the discussion might be one-sided and that a largely young and liberal crowd would be an echo-chamber for the pro-legalization stance. Since then at least one person, Don Chase, has agreed to take a stab at arguing the other side, at least in a limited way. Any one else feel that they could speak effictively against legalization?

The discussion should be particularly interesting because we are going to be joined by someone caught inside the drug war, specifically on marijuana. This person was caught in a mid-western state with over 30 pounds of marijuana and is now facing serious legal ramifications. He has mounted a defense based on a violation of his civil liberties in terms of unlawful search and seizure, his story is fascinating and will color everyone’s thoughts in terms of law enforcement, how our tax dollars are used, and the penalties against a drug that many feel is less harmful that alcohol.

We are thinking of August 11th or 12th and welcome any feedback about these two dates, as well any other thoughts on the topic. More details soon.

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