Legalize it, September-09

We are going to send a notice around about the next Junta being pushed back till September. I have some travel coming up, and we really want to find a good venue (suggestions very welcome)–we are thinking about Williamsburg for the next one and we’re going to check out some potential spots soon.

There was a small item in the most recent Economist about the legalization issue. It seems that California might be turning to marijuana to help ease its massive budget woes. 80% of voters in Oakland have approved a sales tax on marijuana sales that could bring the state approximately $1.4 billion a year. I say¬†hallelujah, great idea, and suspects others who will come to the next Junta will agree. But we’re still hoping to get some voices that feel otherwise, even if they aren’t strictly against, at least some reservations noted would be worthwhile.

Anyway, hope ya’ll enjoy the rest of the summer.


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