Disturbing new Somali piracy trend

I’m sure some of you have seen the news about the British couple that was taken hostage by Somali pirates in the Indian ocean. They were on their private yacht when they were taken. This presents some diffierences than if they were traveling on a commercial vessel. In those cases the company has an interest in having their people released and will often pay a ransom to make that happen. Because these are just two private people on their own boat they don’t have that going for them, and foreign governments are very reluctant to pay ransoms or give in to the demands of criminals and terrorists (at least publicy).

Further bad news has come in the form of the pirate demands, about which there have been conflicting reports. The NY Times reported yesterday that the pirates are demanding the release of their confederates being held by various governments. If true that will really complicate any potential release.

We can discuss in greater detail at the Junta, but the captives would be in much better shape if the pirates were only interested in money. It also sounds like there is some feuding among the pirates and what to do with the couple.  The UK Mirror is reporting today that the pirates may substatially lower their ransom demands.

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