Junta Justification

The latest psychology strikes a blow against reality TV, but it shows some evidence in favor of what we’re doing at the Junta. From the journal Psychological Science:

Well-Being Is Related to Having Less Small Talk and More Substantive Conversations

Is the happy life characterized by shallow, happy-go-lucky moments and trivial small talk, or by reflection and profound social encounters? Both notions—the happy ignoramus and the fulfilled deep thinker—exist, but little is known about which interaction style is actually associated with greater happiness (King & Napa, 1998). In this article, we report findings from a naturalistic observation study that investigated whether happy and unhappy people differ in the amount of small talk and substantive conversations they have.

Next time you see somebody in the office kitchen, getting a coffee, don’t ask about their weekend. Ask what they think about Iran getting the bomb, or the nature of God, or … hell, at least talk about a movie. Just no more about the weather. It’s making you depressed.

This is the malevolence we are resisting. Ours is a worthy battle.

Via the Times

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