Urban Change: The Vanishing City?

The Junta will convene Thursday, September 9th, at 7:30pm

Film screening followed by discussion. 80 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn (near Wythe Ave), in the media room. Please bring your own ___. All are welcome.

Cities must change, but how exactly does that happen? What steps are necessary to ensure the change is constructive and positive? And how can we even achieve consensus on what constitutes constructive and positive change?

Everybody complains about how expensive the city is. Our film offering Thursday night will look at real estate development in Manhattan, and ask if maybe there hasn’t been a concerted effort to build the city up as “The City” – that wonderful place of imagination, where dreams and fortunes can be claimed. Isn’t Manhattan just turning into a playground for the wealthy? Or is Patti Smith wrong?

I highly recommend that you watch the trailer of “The Vanishing City” to get a sense of it. In an interesting coincidence, Tim Noah’s Slate series just began looking at the widening inequality gap in this country, pointing out that the US now has a greater disparity between its rich and poor than do Venezuela and Nicaragua. And I’m surely the only Lapham’s Quarterly subscriber here, but their Fall issue is called “The City“…

It all adds up to a fascinating conversation. See you Thursday.

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