May 7 – Foreign Policy Roundtable

We at the Junta love big ideas. Spirituality, the ethics of eating, Wikileaks, the future, education — we’ve done them all and there will be more to come. But sometimes it’s fun to just talk politics and argue about foreign policy. In fact, that’s where the roots of the Junta are — Rindy and Jeremy debating international affairs over drinks in bars in Shanghai.

So join us at DOC Wine Bar on Tuesday, May 7th (8pm) for a foreign policy roundtable. By then we’ll know even more about the Boston bombers and we can talk about the obscure locales where a plot may have been nurtured or inspired. What further of the missile North Korea says it’s been preparing, and how the international community should deal with the hermit kingdom. We can discuss the post-Chavez reality in Venezuela and how that country (and Cuba) will look in the future. And the list goes on: drones, China, Euro-zone crisis, etc.

Bring your opinions and a thirst for vino.

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