About NYC Junta

The NYC Junta is an ongoing project started by two young pseudo-intellectuals who enjoy a glass of whiskey and a good argument. Often expelled from polite society for their boisterous tendency to challenge the opinions of others, they decided to create a forum to engage in friendly but spirited debate.

Taking their cue from Ben Franklin, they invited friends to join them on regular occasions to talk about the news of the day and the ideas of the moment. They created an atmosphere of relaxed structure, which kept the conviviality of happy hour while aiming for the focus of the lecture hall.

Unlike some other groups of this nature, the Junta espouses no political or philosophical agenda. Its participants are not “members” in the sense of having a common identity, and discussions are not organized around a recurring theme. Those who join are expected to bring their opinions and defend them, as well as to listen with a mind open to persuasion.

For a better understanding of what the Junta is all about, read the Junta Manifesto.


Meetings typically last two hours and occur about ten times per year. Anyone is welcome; times, places, and topics of discussion will be posted at this website.

The blog is updated on a regular, but not a furious, basis. To receive information about upcoming discussions, subscribe to our newsletter. We will not overload you with mail, and we will certainly not spam you.