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Wrap-up summaries of meetings

In Closing

The NYC Junta was a going concern from 2008 until 2013, during which time we held many vibrant discussions of politics, religion, freedom, real estate, drugs, food, art, and all other manner of life in the cosmos. “There’s nothing you can hold for very long” This site lives on as an archive. Thank you to […]

Future Follow-up

Last month’s discussion led in all sorts of directions, and a lot of further reading material was suggested. Of course I meant to get these out earlier, but there you have it… Her Smoke Rose Up Forever, by James Tiptree, Jr (science fiction stories). The Civilizing Process by Norbert Elias (the founding work of Figurational […]

Spirit Wrap

We began our spirituality discussion with an overview from EJ of his Zen beliefs – oddly, as it turned out, since Zen as he explained it is not spiritual at all. Zen does not teach that people have “spirits”, or “souls”, as such. “There is no ‘you’; there is no ‘me’.” Like other belief structures, […]


Last week’s discussion was well attended despite the impending ice storm. Thanks to everybody for coming out. Here’s some of what went down. “I am really surprised there isn’t more outrage from Americans over the  Wikileaks releases,” said Joah. He meant the Apache helicopter video in particular. The soldiers in the video technically did follow […]

A Question of Desire: Food Wrap

A baker’s dozen of us turned out in Williamsburg last Tuesday, to discuss the intricacies of the American food system and our own attitudes towards eating. “Knowing where the food comes from” was the succinct answer to the question posed to Alex, on why he had become a vegetarian. Of all who attended, he was […]

Building Out the City

“I think people tend to have a misconception of the film,” said Fiore DeRosa, co-creator (with Jen Senko) of “The Vanishing City“. “We’re not some NIMBY, anti-development crowd. We’re not against safe, clean neighborhoods.” DeRosa was commenting on the possible irony that we had gathered to watch his film in a so-called “luxury condo” development. […]

End of the Mass Media and Pop Culture?

It’s been nearly a month, but here, finally, is a wrap-up of the last discussion, with my own recent thoughts on the subject intertwined… How will musicians and writers, and other artists and tradesmen whose work is now primarily digital, make a living now that their product can be so easily and freely acquired? Jeremy […]