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Wrap-up summaries of meetings

Battling Our Own Prejudice

We began Wednesday night with Alex reading from the introduction to his book, which centered on a speech Glenn Beck made in Tampa, in November 2009. There Beck announced “The Plan”, an as-yet-undefined blueprint for taking America back from the progressives and advocates of “social justice”. Beck believes that this phrase is a euphemism for […]

Art Wrap – Not Exactly “All Figured Out”

Friday’s Junta on contemporary art was one of the best yet and a lot of fun for everyone involved. We had a lot of good feedback: thanks to everyone for coming out. JohnJ started us off with a quick overview of artistic movements in the last 140 years, with an emphasis toward trying to explain […]

Iran Wrap

I started the discussion on Tuesday night with a sort of mini-argument: four points that I had arrived at over a couple of weeks reading on the subject of Iran, which I figured would get the ball rolling on the evening. Because of the sharp minds in attendance, it was all that was necessary to […]

Pirate Run-Down

Jeremy started his discussion of maritime piracy by talking about his days covering the issue in Asia, specifically the activity in the Straits of Malacca, between Singapore and Indonesia. At one particularly narrow stretch, the channel is less than 2 miles wide – an ideal target zone for pirates. The Free Aceh rebels, a separatist […]

The Legal Wrap

Our session on the morality of legislating behavior rambled at times, but produced a lively conversation, and I think we all took something from it. The Junta would like to thank Dave for sharing his personal episode of confrontation with the war on drugs. It was powerful to hear a man speak openly about a […]

Democracy Wrap

Monday night’s Junta was well-attended despite coming off a holiday weekend, and produced great conversation. Our out-of-town guest was Jarrett Wrisley, an American living in Bangkok and a longtime friend of mine. He spent the opening part of the discussion bringing us all up to speed on the situation in Thailand, including the story of […]

Wrap Up: Collapse of the System

It’s been ten days since the Junta met to discuss the crisis in the American system and the possibility of collapse, but I’m just getting around to writing it up for a number of reasons, chief of which being that I’m a top procrastinator. Given the topic of discussion, Arrow Bar proved an appropriate locale […]