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Patriotism and Pride

Like many of you, I found Obama’s inauguration speech stirring. I found myself full of pride in my country that we could elect a black man not once, but twice to our highest office. I found his appeals to the earliest tenets of our country deeply moving and urges towards realizing those ideals rousing. I’m […]

Benevolent Hegemon

The Junta will convene this Wednesday, January 30th, at 8pm, at the DOC Wine Bar in Williamsburg, to discuss the idea of (American) patriotism today. All are welcome, as always. As a counterpoint to my recent essay, The American Patriot, a frequent Junta attendee, Graham, offers the following defense of American military power. Come out […]

Against “Zero Dark Thirty”

Some thoughts on this charming Christmas release… I don’t care whether the film glorifies torture or not Tom Carson argues that the film will actually make us grapple with hard truths, and insults Glenn Greenwald’s suggestion that positive reactions to the film are based on pro-torture sentiments in the general population: No matter what Greenwald […]


On Sunday, December 9th, Zebulon will close its doors in Williamsburg. Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio will be one of the last musicians playing and it will surely be packed, as it has every night this week, another great night of music at the neighborhood’s best venue. But it’ll be tinged with sadness, […]

The Privacy/Fame Junta

The next Junta will be about privacy and whether our idea of privacy needs to be recalibrated in a world where technology seems to dig ever deeper into our lives. The debates surrounding settings on Facebook and what Google knows about you are pretty well known. Rindy even went so far as to take himself […]

The deaths of famous men

Apologies to those who have heard this one from me before, but I once had the good fortune to be among a small audience Christopher Hitchens gave a talk to. It was 2006, Shanghai, the Foreign Correspondents club. Hitchens walked in–half nervous, half bravado–with a bottle of scotch and a pack of cigarettes. He poured […]

On Pakistan

Just got finished reading an excellent essay by Bill Keller (who has transitioned nicely from NY times Executive Editor to a writer again) on the extremely complex US/Pakistani relationship. I’ve posted a few times about that relationship, and argued many times with Rindy–on the blog, by email, over drinks, we may have even text-argued about […]