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Greek Secession from the EU?

Are the Greeks likely to secede from the EU because of their sovereign debt? John Mauldin, a financial investor and writer who claims 1 million+ email subscribers, says its not as fanciful as it sounds: The third option is that they could vote to leave the European Union. While this is unthinkable to most Europeans, […]

Obama’s State of the Union

Earlier in the day yesterday, I tweeted that I’d like to hear Obama admit the truth about the state of our Union. While he couldn’t come out and put it the way I did, I noticed that he avoided the traditional opening of the speech, “The state of our Union is strong.” Obama opened with […]

China and Google; “The Carter Syndrome”

Good for Google, finally standing up to China, I hope this embarrasses the Chinese government. The Chinese government has been extraordinarily effective at censoring the internet, contradicting many who thought initially that the internet would be the trojan horse through which more liberal ideas circulated through to the people. I don’t care about the justifications […]

China buys “justice”

News broke yesterday that China suceeded in pressuring Cambodia into deporting a few dozen Uighurs who had escaped the country after the riots there a few months ago. Not going to go into the whole Uighur debate, I’ve posted about that before on here, but those guys have it pretty rough. And now it comes […]

Pirate Stock exchange

I couldn’t believe this story, the Somali pirates have set up a stock exchange to help fund their activities. Pretty egalitarian too those pirates, not only for the jihadi fat-cats, even the common-folk can get involved, read to the end and check out the young woman who did pretty well after contributing an RPG she got, uh, from alimony.

Very Timely

From today’s Times: Eleven ships and 262 crew members are believed to be detained by pirates right now. That’s a lot of people. Blackbeard lives.

Disturbing new Somali piracy trend

I’m sure some of you have seen the news about the British couple that was taken hostage by Somali pirates in the Indian ocean. They were on their private yacht when they were taken. This presents some diffierences than if they were traveling on a commercial vessel. In those cases the company has an interest […]