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Art Junta Friday Night

The Elwa Winter Salon Exhibition presents the work of 4 contemporary artists. Please click through the links to see examples of their work and learn about their backgrounds: Andrew Moon Bain Andrew Graham Devin Powers Emet Sosna The Junta starts the party early. Before the masses show up for the gallery affair, we have the opportunity to discuss […]

There’s no such thing as silence

I thought this New Yorker story was apt, given some of our earlier discussions around here. They’ve put the full story behind the paywall, but I’ll share it here with you, friend, in case you missed it: Read on: John Cage: Searching for Silence

Urban Change: The Vanishing City?

The Junta will convene Thursday, September 9th, at 7:30pm Film screening followed by discussion. 80 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn (near Wythe Ave), in the media room. Please bring your own ___. All are welcome. Cities must change, but how exactly does that happen? What steps are necessary to ensure the change is constructive and positive? And […]

Is the City Vanishing?

If change is a constant, then does the city have any real identity or soul? Or is change not constant? Is anything about the city permanent? “The Vanishing City” is an upcoming documentary about New York’s real estate market leading up to the Great Recession of Our Time, which “exposes the real politic behind the […]

End of the Mass Media and Pop Culture?

It’s been nearly a month, but here, finally, is a wrap-up of the last discussion, with my own recent thoughts on the subject intertwined… How will musicians and writers, and other artists and tradesmen whose work is now primarily digital, make a living now that their product can be so easily and freely acquired? Jeremy […]

links for wednesday night

Some good links to check out before Wednesday night: CaptainCrawl is THE music blog index, type in an artist name and check out what comes up, you should be able to find links to blogs with full albums to download. Radiobutt was the best music blog around, dude put up all the newest indie albums, […]

Can You Make It Here?

Sam’s comment on our modern art wrap-up got me thinking about the city. Patti Smith said young artists should seek other cities now because New York is not as accommodating as it once was: Patti recalled coming to New York without money, when it was “down and out,” and you could get a cheap apartment […]