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“Spiritual but not religious”

It’s pretty sad to think that the world could soon be without Christopher Hitchens. One of the great intellectuals of our time, he is gravely ill with cancer. I once heard him speak at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Shanghai, he spent the evening blasting holes in the idea of God and religion while sipping […]

My evolution towards ethical eating

Around four years ago I came back from China and because of one of the last stories I wrote while over there I was determined to change my eating habits. I wasn’t ready to go full vegetarian, but I was going to try to eat less meat and try to avoid intensively raised meat. So […]

Casual observations of the downsides of car culture and climate change

Not a great time to be in Moscow, huh? A once in a lifetime heat-wave contributes to a rash of wildfires and the Russian capital is baking under a cloud of smog that has killed 700 so far. Craziness.  I’m not a huge of fan of Moscow generally, this story in the New Yorker is […]


I enjoyed the recent New Yorker profile on Paul Krugman. I didn’t realize he was essentially apolitical until the Bush administration. By the end of that administration I was sick of reading Krugman, he was predictable–we all knew at that point (actually years before) what a disaster Bush was, on so many levels. But I’ve […]

Chinese Exceptionalism

Almost daily I read things about China that make me shake my head. Sometimes I find myself doing so in admiration for the Chinese. They have really moved forward quickly on creating a green-tech sector in the country, for instance. But most often I am shaking my head in dismay. Whether it’s the ethnic genocide […]

China and Google; “The Carter Syndrome”

Good for Google, finally standing up to China, I hope this embarrasses the Chinese government. The Chinese government has been extraordinarily effective at censoring the internet, contradicting many who thought initially that the internet would be the trojan horse through which more liberal ideas circulated through to the people. I don’t care about the justifications […]

China buys “justice”

News broke yesterday that China suceeded in pressuring Cambodia into deporting a few dozen Uighurs who had escaped the country after the riots there a few months ago. Not going to go into the whole Uighur debate, I’ve posted about that before on here, but those guys have it pretty rough. And now it comes […]