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The American Patriot

Jeremy asks, “How can you be an American patriot in 2013?” and relates his experience watching “Zero Dark Thirty” in light of my criticism. He writes: I found the portrayal of torture rather nuanced in terms of what it says about its efficacy and its morality. What was surely war porn was when they were […]

Wikileaks Discussion

The Junta convenes tomorrow night (Tues) to discuss Wikileaks. Please join us for a robust exchange of ideas about privacy, espionage, diplomacy, war, revolution, and freedom, among other things. All viewpoints are welcome. Read previous posts for more background. Tuesday, February 1st, 8:30pm DOC Wine Bar, 83 N. 7th St. in Williamsburg. (Cash bar only)

Catch a Viewing of “The Vanishing City”

For anyone who wanted to come to our previous meeting but couldn’t make it, the film we watched is being screened at The National Arts Club next Wednesday, followed by a panel discussion. “The Vanishing City” is a great documentary about real estate in Manhattan over the last 30 years. It covers the changes in […]

Art Wrap – Not Exactly “All Figured Out”

Friday’s Junta on contemporary art was one of the best yet and a lot of fun for everyone involved. We had a lot of good feedback: thanks to everyone for coming out. JohnJ started us off with a quick overview of artistic movements in the last 140 years, with an emphasis toward trying to explain […]

Thai violence

So sad to read what’s going on in Bangkok. Though it’s had its share of military coups over the years, it has been generally a safe and wonderful country to visit. I always tell people that the best first country to visit in Asia is Thailand—it’s user-friendly (people speak English, used to tourists, etc.), full […]

Democracy Wrap

Monday night’s Junta was well-attended despite coming off a holiday weekend, and produced great conversation. Our out-of-town guest was Jarrett Wrisley, an American living in Bangkok and a longtime friend of mine. He spent the opening part of the discussion bringing us all up to speed on the situation in Thailand, including the story of […]


Just wanted to post something brief ahead of the next Junta. Like all of you I’m sure I’ve been following the events in Iran closely. I keep hearing the words Velvet Revolution thrown out in terms of the Iranian government’s fears that they will be pushed aside in a wave of liberal protests. But I […]