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May 7 – Foreign Policy Roundtable

We at the Junta love big ideas. Spirituality, the ethics of eating, Wikileaks, the future, education β€” we’ve done them all and there will be more to come. But sometimes it’s fun to just talk politics and argue about foreign policy. In fact, that’s where the roots of the Junta are β€” Rindy and Jeremy […]

The Anti-Capitalist

Can capitalism survive the present trauma? Yes, of course.” But, Harvey explains, it can only do so at a terrible price. The mass of the people will be required β€œto give generously of their fruits of labour to those in power, to surrender many of their rights and their hard-won asset values (in everything from […]

Greek Secession from the EU?

Are the Greeks likely to secede from the EU because of their sovereign debt? John Mauldin, a financial investor and writer who claims 1 million+ email subscribers, says its not as fanciful as it sounds: The third option is that they could vote to leave the European Union. While this is unthinkable to most Europeans, […]

Wrap Up: Collapse of the System

It’s been ten days since the Junta met to discuss the crisis in the American system and the possibility of collapse, but I’m just getting around to writing it up for a number of reasons, chief of which being that I’m a top procrastinator. Given the topic of discussion, Arrow Bar proved an appropriate locale […]

April 9th: Crisis and Collapse at Arrow Bar

The Junta will convene this Thursday, April 9th, 7:30-9:30pm, at Arrow Bar, 85 Avenue A, between 5th and 6th Streets. The door to the bar is easy to miss, as you have to walk down a staircase on the sidewalk to reach it. Drinks are 2-for-1 until 9pm (starting at 4pm, if anyone wants to […]

What is Going On?

I drop out and leave the country for one week and when I come back everyone is having mass hysteria over some bonuses paid out at AIG. Thankfully, though, I am not the only one asking why we are so mad about $160 million paid to executives when we didn’t approach nearly this level of […]

AIG Bonuses

This whole business about the AIG bonuses is really getting out of hand. As outrageous as they are, it is really a distraction from the wider issues and just a quick way to create a scapegoat. One week it’s Richard Fuld, the next it’s John Thain, then Madoff, now the faceless but certainly greedy and […]