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A Question of Desire: Food Wrap

A baker’s dozen of us turned out in Williamsburg last Tuesday, to discuss the intricacies of the American food system and our own attitudes towards eating. “Knowing where the food comes from” was the succinct answer to the question posed to Alex, on why he had become a vegetarian. Of all who attended, he was […]

Eating in America

The Junta convenes again to discuss food, agriculture and eating habits in America. I’ve been talking to a lot of people on this topic and I’ve been surprised at the high level of enthusiasm and interest it has generated. I’m expecting a great turnout. All are welcome. Look for us in the back room. Tuesday, […]

My evolution towards ethical eating

Around four years ago I came back from China and because of one of the last stories I wrote while over there I was determined to change my eating habits. I wasn’t ready to go full vegetarian, but I was going to try to eat less meat and try to avoid intensively raised meat. So […]

Carnism: How We Justify Killing Animals for Food

In November of 1995, a cow named Emily stood on line at the slaughterhouse. Perhaps she felt that something was not right, as she watched her companions go into a little shed and not come out again. She somehow jumped over a gate – as the workmen watched in shock at the impossibility of the […]

Questioning Food

I never gave much thought to what I ate, aside from how it tasted. Food was good or bad, based on how it made me feel at the moment of consumption. I laughed at the idea of counting calories, and never once considered an ingredient list. Throughout my life, I have been blessed with a […]

Food Junta

Rindy and I have been talking about getting a Junta together before the end of the year and have settled on the topic of food and shooting for early/mid December to get the peoples together. The idea is to talk about the sources of food, ethics and eating,┬áthe hidden costs of the supply chain, and […]