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Wikileaks Discussion

The Junta convenes tomorrow night (Tues) to discuss Wikileaks. Please join us for a robust exchange of ideas about privacy, espionage, diplomacy, war, revolution, and freedom, among other things. All viewpoints are welcome. Read previous posts for more background. Tuesday, February 1st, 8:30pm DOC Wine Bar, 83 N. 7th St. in Williamsburg. (Cash bar only)

The Costs of Jihad (like freedom, it ain’t free)

In a rare glimmer of good news out of the wasteland of Somalia, it looks like Al Shabab, the brutal Islamist group trying to take over Somalia, is losing ground. Props to Jeffrey Gettleman on actually being brave enough to report from Mogadishu. I noted at the end of the story that Shabab is having problems funding their […]

Iran as “Superpower”

Robert Baer, formerly a CIA operative, published a book in 2008 called The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower, which I’m reading in preparation for our meeting next week. His theory is that Iran is rising and has imperial ambitions, that it has basically been at war with the United States for […]

Richard Holbrooke at the Council on Foreign Relations

I went to a talk last night by Richard Holbrooke at the Council on Foreign Relations in DC last night. My firm is a member and I attend these events regularly in NY and last night was one of my favorites. Holbrooke is one of the most polished diplomats I’ve heard speak and he spoke […]