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Will Israel Bomb Iran?

A lot of people are talking about the cover story in the new Atlantic by Jeffrey Goldberg on the possibility of Israel attacking Iran. I found it fascinating reading, diligent reporting with a wide range of sources and a different take on the psychology behind this. I didn’t realize at all the background with Netanyahu and […]

The Blockade of Gaza

It takes a certain amount of willful ignorance to state, as my friend has below, “There is no humanitarian disaster in Gaza.” According to the UN, 61% of Gazans are food insecure. Chronic malnutrition has surpassed 10%, with women and children especially suffering. Many hospitals and primary care facilities were destroyed by Israel, which does […]

Raid on Entebbe

I had this in my Netflix queue for ages and it finally came out on DVD.  It’s a bit “made-for-TV” corny on the 70s docu-drama tip, but still a pretty cool rendering of the incredible Israeli rescue operation in Uganda on July 4th, 1976, and pretty fun to watch Charles Bronson as an Israeli general and […]

Intifada III?

Pretty unhappy about the news out of Israel lately. Briefly, VP  Biden was in the region to try to get talks between the Israelis and Palestinians moving again and was greeted by an annoucement that new building would start on Israeli settlements in contested east Jerusalem. I don’t want to summarize all the history, but Israel […]

Iran Wrap

I started the discussion on Tuesday night with a sort of mini-argument: four points that I had arrived at over a couple of weeks reading on the subject of Iran, which I figured would get the ball rolling on the evening. Because of the sharp minds in attendance, it was all that was necessary to […]

“After Iran Gets the Bomb”

The lead essay in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs starts off with “The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to become the world’s tenth nuclear power”. It goes on from there to sketch out US options for containment, barely dwelling on the current arguments about whether sanctions will work, whether some military option should […]

A US-Iranian Deal

George Friedman of STRATFOR is a prescient voice on global affairs, and as it happens he has just penned an article on Iran, which is timely for our upcoming discussion. What is to become of the standoff between America and Iran? According to Friedman, sanctions cannot be effective against Iran, as the only meaningful one […]