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Cheating/Shortcuts Junta, Tuesday, December 4th

Next Tuesday the Junta will gather at DOC Wine Bar in Williamsburg to discuss the myriad ways shortcuts and cheating are a part of our lives. We’ve all read about the sports scandals involving prominent athletes that have used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Lance Armstrong is but the latest superstar to fall from grace, but it […]

Rolling Back Anti-Pot Laws

Obama’s DOJ just made it official: they will not go after people using medical marijuana under the protection of state law. Two Justice Department officials described the new policy to The Associated Press, saying prosecutors will be told it is not a good use of their time to arrest people who use or provide medical […]

The Legal Wrap

Our session on the morality of legislating behavior rambled at times, but produced a lively conversation, and I think we all took something from it. The Junta would like to thank Dave for sharing his personal episode of confrontation with the war on drugs. It was powerful to hear a man speak openly about a […]

Vice, Morality, and the Law

Wed. Sept, 9, 2009, The Larry Lawrence Bar, 295 Grand St b/t Havemeyer and Roebling, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 7:30 pm What should humans be allowed to do, and what should they be prevented from doing? Besides the obvious rule against killing people who piss you off, how far should the law restrict our personal freedoms to […]

Legalize it, September-09

We are going to send a notice around about the next Junta being pushed back till September. I have some travel coming up, and we really want to find a good venue (suggestions very welcome)–we are thinking about Williamsburg for the next one and we’re going to check out some potential spots soon. There was […]

Legalize It

I hope you’re having a good summer. Not sure if any of you have been on the junta blog since the last meeting but it features a wrap-up about the democracy meeting and some talk about Uighurs and Chinese oppression. Towards the end of the last Junta we touched on discussing the idea of legalization […]