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BP Oil Slick – Video Flying Over the Gulf

“Hurricane Creekkeeper” took a flight over the Gulf of Mexico on June 21st and took extensive video of the oil spill, with shots of dolphins and whales, controlled burns, oil-gathering tankers, etc. If you manage to get to the end of the 9-minute clip, it does get a little … weird … with ‘Last of […]

Iran Wrap

I started the discussion on Tuesday night with a sort of mini-argument: four points that I had arrived at over a couple of weeks reading on the subject of Iran, which I figured would get the ball rolling on the evening. Because of the sharp minds in attendance, it was all that was necessary to […]

A US-Iranian Deal

George Friedman of STRATFOR is a prescient voice on global affairs, and as it happens he has just penned an article on Iran, which is timely for our upcoming discussion. What is to become of the standoff between America and Iran? According to Friedman, sanctions cannot be effective against Iran, as the only meaningful one […]

Iran vs Saudi Arabia

China Economic Review highlights this WSJ story on American diplomatic efforts to get the Chinese to buy more oil from Saudi Arabia. The idea is that if China buys less oil from Iran, they will be more inclined to support the sanctions the Americans are proposing. What about a converse situation? Instead of pressuring the […]

First Meeting of the Junta

In the first official meeting of the Junta, the topics of discussion were energy and China. I led the discussion of energy. The future lies in determining a new way to power our society, not only in this country but in the world. Specific to my argument, however, is that the United States must build […]