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The American Patriot

Jeremy asks, “How can you be an American patriot in 2013?” and relates his experience watching “Zero Dark Thirty” in light of my criticism. He writes: I found the portrayal of torture rather nuanced in terms of what it says about its efficacy and its morality. What was surely war porn was when they were […]


Good Junta last night, I’ll leave it to Rindy to post some of the highlights, but for me that was what the Junta was all about: a bunch of dudes sitting around drinking and having good, engaged conversation about real topics. Relevant to last night, and other Junta topics, is the continued rioting in Xinjiang.  […]


Just wanted to post something brief ahead of the next Junta. Like all of you I’m sure I’ve been following the events in Iran closely. I keep hearing the words Velvet Revolution thrown out in terms of the Iranian government’s fears that they will be pushed aside in a wave of liberal protests. But I […]

Democracy is Bad for You

Date: Monday, July 6th Time: 7-9pm Place: Arrow Bar, 85 Avenue A, btw 5th/6th St. The next Junta will be centered on the question of democracy in our time. As democracy spreads through a society, power devolves from the elites and the middle class grows. Theoretically, this process should continue until the poor are also […]