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Catch a Viewing of “The Vanishing City”

For anyone who wanted to come to our previous meeting but couldn’t make it, the film we watched is being screened at The National Arts Club next Wednesday, followed by a panel discussion. “The Vanishing City” is a great documentary about real estate in Manhattan over the last 30 years. It covers the changes in […]

Urban Change: The Vanishing City?

The Junta will convene Thursday, September 9th, at 7:30pm Film screening followed by discussion. 80 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn (near Wythe Ave), in the media room. Please bring your own ___. All are welcome. Cities must change, but how exactly does that happen? What steps are necessary to ensure the change is constructive and positive? And […]

Is the City Vanishing?

If change is a constant, then does the city have any real identity or soul? Or is change not constant? Is anything about the city permanent? “The Vanishing City” is an upcoming documentary about New York’s real estate market leading up to the Great Recession of Our Time, which “exposes the real politic behind the […]