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Thai violence

So sad to read what’s going on in Bangkok. Though it’s had its share of military coups over the years, it has been generally a safe and wonderful country to visit. I always tell people that the best first country to visit in Asia is Thailand—it’s user-friendly (people speak English, used to tourists, etc.), full […]

Democracy Wrap

Monday night’s Junta was well-attended despite coming off a holiday weekend, and produced great conversation. Our out-of-town guest was Jarrett Wrisley, an American living in Bangkok and a longtime friend of mine. He spent the opening part of the discussion bringing us all up to speed on the situation in Thailand, including the story of […]

Democracy is Bad for You

Date: Monday, July 6th Time: 7-9pm Place: Arrow Bar, 85 Avenue A, btw 5th/6th St. The next Junta will be centered on the question of democracy in our time. As democracy spreads through a society, power devolves from the elites and the middle class grows. Theoretically, this process should continue until the poor are also […]