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links for wednesday night

Some good links to check out before Wednesday night: CaptainCrawl is THE music blog index, type in an artist name and check out what comes up, you should be able to find links to blogs with full albums to download. Radiobutt was the best music blog around, dude put up all the newest indie albums, […]

Art Wrap – Not Exactly “All Figured Out”

Friday’s Junta on contemporary art was one of the best yet and a lot of fun for everyone involved. We had a lot of good feedback: thanks to everyone for coming out. JohnJ started us off with a quick overview of artistic movements in the last 140 years, with an emphasis toward trying to explain […]

The Price of the Inside View

As we were planning our Iran session, Jeremy and I discussed whether we would be able to find someone with direct experience of Iran – well, that is, find someone and get them to accept our invitation – given the difficulties of traveling there. Today the LA Times published a piece about the costs and […]

Letter to Harper’s on Zorn

Our colleague’s piece in Harper’s concerning John Zorn elicited a reader’s letter to the editor. The reader said Cohen’s articles was “appropriately polymathic” but that his history of music was “curiously garbled.” The full text is freely available at Harpers.org, though you need to scroll to the bottom of the page – it’s the fourth […]

Milan Kundera

There’s a story in the NY Times today about accusations that the writer Milan Kundera collaborated with the Czechoslovak secret police in the early 50s and ousted a western intelligence agent. These accusations are oddly similar to his first novel, “The Joke” and the story is definitely worth checking out. Living in Prague, I was […]